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When a group of high school girl's arrange (usually) with the parents of a group of boys to burst into their respective bedrooms VERY early in the morning, surprising the guys, yanking them out of their beds and treat their "victims" (e.g. the guys) out to breakfast. The rule is the guys have to go pretty much as they're dressed. Time Frame: This happened to me in the early 1960's.

Half the fun is going from house to house and pulling, sometimes literally pulling, the boys out of their beds. Often, the first guys to be "kidnapped" join in the fun.

This takes a little planning since the girl's need to secretly talk to each of the boy's parents/guardians AND also make arrangements with the manager of the restaurant where the kidnap breakfast will take place.
Jay was sound asleep when his girlfriend, Shauna, and a bunch of her girl friends burst into his room and began pulling him out of the bed by his feet. He was their first victim of their "Kidnap Breakfast." Jay didn't know what was happening and tried grabbing the front of his mattress while the group of ten screaming girls laughed, yelled and chanted, "Jay let go, Jay let go." When he finally the group of girls were led by his girlfriend––Jay gladly let go!

When the girl's––and Jay––invaded the house of their next victim, Michael, they found him asleep on the couch, his face to the cushions, in the front room. When the girls pulled back the blankets they were surprised to learn two things: it wasn't Michael sleeping on the couch but his cousin Trey and Trey likes to sleep in the buff. Needless to say, he was very excited to see a bunch of girls standing over him so early in the morning.
by Options Man October 24, 2013
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