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KiD iNk is a tatted rapper from LA who looks just like Chris Brown. He's a combo of Tyga and Chris Brown in his music style. He will drop his debut album soon, and is certainly an upcoming star.
Listen to his mixtape, Crash Landing.
Hey, do you know KiD iNk?
Yea, he's the one that made Blowin Swishers right?
by Benjhi May 04, 2011
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He has a romantic voice. Kid Ink is better than Tyga because he is more fixated and not nasty like him. Kid ink is also handsome too. Kid Ink is the nice rapper with god intentions. You love a Kid Ink because they are positive with a niceness that makes you want to hug them. From the look of their expression you think they are the best you can get. The 32 year old rapper makes some pretty good because in the rapping industry. Although you havent heard a top song from him in awhile.
Kid Ink is the only rapper you could have a loving relationship with.
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by ChristianQueen March 25, 2018
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