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When you are promised something amazing, and encourage/work/pay to make it happen, but are really numb to the probability that it's inevitably going to be a let down, or not come to fruition at all.
Kickstarter Syndrome defined:

Person A: Did you see the new Kickstarter for Megamanolamarama?
Person B: Yea! I'm already a $100 tier backer!
Person A: Me too! AWESOME!

- Scenario A -
Release day: Person A & B: This game... sucks! Why did we back it again?

-Scenario B-
Person A as an old man: Remember when we gave money to some people online to make something cool we could experience?

Person B as an old man: Yea we were stupid back then weren't we?
by Wejasimorva July 26, 2016
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