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Almost same definition as "Kick Ass"
The word is used if the person is experiencing comfort in any kind, or has it very good in other ways.

This word is only used in a town called Skien in Norway.
Acctually it's only used in a place called Falkum. Wich is a part of the town, Skien.

There is only about 15 +/1 ppl who use this word frequently.

The word comes from the tv show "South park".

The kids there frequently use the word "Kick-Ass".
So we started using it.
And in one episode there is a guy called "Fat abbot".
So we started calling fat ppl for "Fat abbot".
But one night one of my friends used this variant: This was really "Kick abbot" instead of "Kick Ass". And that is how the word was born.
If you sit down in a really comfy chair you can say "Ohh, this was Kick-Abbot"
Or if you drink something that is really good you can say "Ohh, this was Kick-Abbot"
by bend0r March 20, 2005
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