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1. King of the Keyboard Warriors and often one to flame real easy. These people are insecure and will often flame you, even for the smallest insults. These people will express all of their anger every time they log on to a thread, forum board, or even on online games. They often can be mistaken for a troll, but they are not trolls and are often prey to trolls. Since they are prone to this, they use there awesome and masterful keyboard weapon to combat the trolls. Often times they will rage and lose in a heartbeat. The Keyboard Warlord will lose faster than a Keyboard Warrior since they get angry very easily and can't help but rage. These people are often considered major losers and waste their time venting on the net when no one cares about what they are pissed off about. They also try to goad people into fighting online while being safely behind their computers.

They follow a routine of rage quit, coming back for more, and rage quit. They continue to repeat that process.
Example 1
Some guy: Wow, this kid is such a bitch. What a Keyboard Warlord.
Keyboard Warlord: I'M NOT A BITCH! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Example 2
Keyboard Warlord: Come on fight be you puss. I'm only 10 years old but I can kick your ass.
Troll: U M4D 8R3H??

Troll: You are such a Keyboard Warlord. GET A LIFE LOLOLOL
Keyboard Warlord: Man, You are a puss, fight me!!! I live 1000 miles away and my threats don't mean shit so come fight me.

Troll: Mad Hypocrite is mad
Keyboard Warlord: *Rage Quit*
by X Shadow Spec X January 28, 2011
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