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1. The most amazing director/Choreographer for show, ever!
2. The state of having a bleach stained shirt
3. The state of being a hilarious gay man
4. Having owned and operated two Fred Astaire Dance Studios
Choreographer Kevin Wallace did it once again but with an even larger cast than last year and got over fifty kids swingin’ and tapping to the beat, doing cartwheels, lifts, rolls, Charlestons, chorus-line kicks. No one understands how he does it, least of all the kids. According to one member of the ensemble, “I couldn’t believe I could get my body to move like that. And even after I’ve done it, I still couldn’t believe it.” Move this to a higher power: when over fifty bodies are moving like that on stage, the result is non-stop razzle-dazzle
by Port Summer Show! September 29, 2006
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