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A wonderful singer that was the original vocalist for Evans Blue. A few years ago he was voted out of the band by that pricks that thought they knew better than him. He joined up with Tim Huskinson from Framing Hanley to form Parabelle. Parabelle released the two disc debut A summit Borderline and A Drop Oceanic. The band then suffered from extensive lineup changes. After they changed a few times, they got back together and released Reassembling the Icons. This cd was released Independent, yet still managed to release 8th on the charts, a feat very rarely achieved. Currently he is writing new music and touring with parabelle.
Kevin Matisyn once sang for Evans Blue, but those guys sck ever since they kicked him out.
Kevin Matisyn is now the singer of Parabelle and they are fucking awesome!
Kevin Matisyn has an amazing voice.
by CoconutCoconutX January 01, 2011
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