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The result of staying over at a friends house all night long. Your face and hair are greasey from not taking a shower in a long while. You haven't washed your hands in like 24 hrs. The only thing keeping you from falling asleep is the caffeine that you have been drinking all night and the fact that you dont want anyone draw on your face. Your hungry, so you eat anything (cold pizza, stale chips, candy etc.). You have bags under your eyes from staring at the TV screen or computer monitor all night, playing video games, watching movies(dirty or not!). You have a certain smell that you retain from your friends house. But all of it you don't care about because you had fun joking around with friends all night and when you go home you'll have a hot shower waiting and a nice comfortable bed to jump into! But you had so much fun, no matter what you did, your gonna do it again next week!
Dude, you look like you stayed up all night long by the looks of the Kendall Hangover!
Man, you have a nasty Kendall Hangover!
by oo7 October 29, 2006
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