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A medium-sized school located in Kenai, Alaska. Their colors are red, black, and white. Their mascot is a Cardinal, but its spelled Kardinal with a "K" (To resemble their hometown name, Kenai). To be a student of this school you are one of three things: A dirty (Goth), A smart-as-fuck kid, or a Jock/Prep. Usually has good sports teams that win state championships. Kenai is the cross town rival of Soldotna High School (All Fags over there). KCHS has one insanely football coach / Assistant Principal who goes HAM all the time. He can either be really cool or REALLY gay.. Good school to go to, by far the best on the Kenai Peninsula.
Kid- "Yo, Bro, where do you go to school?"

KCHS Student- "Oh, i go to Kenai Central High School."

Kid- "Lucky... I wish I went there, i go to fucking Soldotna"

KCHS Student- "Haha....Fag"
by AKKID907 December 04, 2011
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