An internet troll who pisses people off by saying incorrect information, and often makes fools of people because of how they respond. He's not bitter like other trolls, instead, he has the vibe of an old confused man.
Who is Ken M?
by 2see August 06, 2017
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The ultimate internet comment board troller, a Ken m prowls the comment boards of websites such as yahoo and reddit. Mainly preying on uneducated internet users they usually disguise as a well 'meaning moron', thereby tricking their prey into a false sense of security that the Ken m uses to their advantage to ultimately troll their prey into a state of internet rage that is extremely amusing to both the troller and any fortunate observers.
"I encountered a Ken m last night, this poor person fell for it. But it was hella funny tho."
by User_3103 March 25, 2017
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