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1. A rapper, I don't know a lot about him because I am MUCH more interested in definition 2.

2. Lead singer and guitarist for awesome American indie rock band We Are Scientists Much adored by fans who can't help but squeal/shout Keeeeeeeeeeef! if they get the chance to see him. Is known to have a pancake ass as shown in the Crap Attack DVD, when his jeans fell down due to insufficient buttocks. Has so much power over his fangirls that one has even made a doll of him. The doll is called Keithdoll, the myspace URL is rather predictable. He (the human Keith Murray) is going grey despite only being 30 (at time of writing). He has a womanly waistline and a purdy voice.
1. WTF I was looking for that guy from WAS? Who the hell is this?

2. Ah. Perfection in one male. Thy name is Keith Murray of We Are Scientists.
by Avid WAS fan March 31, 2008
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