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Is broken down as:
KAYTEN: which is simply the drunken form of the name Karen.
PUSSANDER: which is added on merely to show love.

Is defined as:
A way to describe a girl that is cool, original and nice. She's funny, sweet, friendly, smart as hell, she is extremely gorgeous, and above-all flawless. Kayten Pussanders' have a great personality, and are wonderful people. However, they are annoyed by the use of leet, and improper spelling and use of the English language.

Facts of Kayten Pussanders':
-They stream KCoq videos
-They befriend types of people that are SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitutes.

Lastly and most importantly:
Kayten Pussanders' are important people in everyone's lives. Anyone would be lucky to have a Katyen Pussander in their life; and everyone NEEDS a Kayten Pussander.
"I got a chance to hang out with Kayten Pussander last night. Best experience EVER!"
by KAR_in-a November 01, 2009
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