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The ballinest girl ever with green eyes that will break your heart. Kayleigh Ball's love Lil Wayne and want to have his babies/be his snow bunny, and they have septum rings, snakebites sometimes, and gauges... They're really insecure, but totally gorgeous. Take care of her when you find one.
You know you've found a Kayleigh Ball when she's:

1. A gorgeous girl who is a wonderful friend (until you fuck it up.)

2. Someone who loves Brand New even though most people think they're gay (and will make you like them too.)
3. Someone you fall in love with.
4. A scary, sarcastic, funny, beautiful woman that does crazy things like asking you to sniff her armpit or trys to stick her finger in your nose.
5. The best person to drunk-cuddle with.
6. Someone who doesn't forgive easily.
7. Someone who should accept my apology.
8. A girl who goes great with a Sara, because she doesn't care if people think she's a lesbian.
by freakofnature-blue_eyed_ginger February 04, 2010
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