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Anybody with the first name Kayla and Middle name Marie is a smart, sexy, lovable woman. All the men love her, and all the women want to be her. She is silly, fun, and always there for the ones she loves. She has lots of friends. If you mess with one of Kayla's friends she will hunt you down and rip out your internal organs!! Kayla isn't the best singer or dancer, but she doesn't care just as long as she is having fun! Kayla smells amazing. She never goes a day unshowered. Kayla loves her candy, but is also an amazingg cook! Any man who ends up with Kayla Marie will be the luckiest man alive, and that is a fact!
I wish Kayla Marie was my girlfriend.
I wish I was Kayla Marie.
by KMM <3 February 04, 2010
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Kayla marie. The most beautiful and amazing person you'll ever know. Seriously her eyes could calm any storm and make anyone fall in love with them. She's caring and sweet. Beautiful and smart and fun. Super feckin cute. She's the best person you could possibly know. Don't take her for granted.
Kayla Marie is the best person I know.
by Righteousness67 April 08, 2019
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