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the best damn bike to ride in the universe, especially if it has an arctic white and midnight blue color schematic, it zips through the streets like nobody's damn business, ahh it's awesome, got have itt
Me: Oh my god, I love your bike! Is it a Kawasaki 650?
Boy: Mrmhmm. I love my Kawasaki 650.
Me: Yep, that there Kawasaki 650, makes me feel like I'm on fi-yah.
Boy: Lol, get yourself a Kawasaki 650, join me and we'll take over the world ha ha.
Me: You would ha ha. Sell me YOUR Kawasaki 650. ;)
Boy: Not over my dead body, which would be laid to rest with my Kawasaki 650.
Me: Don't even start you Kawasaki 650 freakk. :) lol
Boy: Pshhtt, Kawasaki 650's are my favorite. Swaggg.
Me: Oh, arright. I'll admit they're awesome. Kawasaki 650 s can go really fast.
by iloveridingmotorcycles January 10, 2012
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