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A line shouted at actress KATHLEEN TURNER as she was on stage acting in a 2002 Broadway production of THE GRADUATE. The line was shouted during a full frontal nude scene featuring the overweight 40-something actress. The heckler was PAUL MICHAEL MERCURIO, acting as part of a prank for "The Opie and Anthony" radio show. Audio of the entire stunt (Mercurio and two other audience members had running tape recorders in their shirt pockets at the time) can be heard on YouTube by simply typing in the infamous line.
(April 12, 2002)
(KATHLEEN TURNER is on stage as 'Mrs. Robinson' in the Broadway production of "The Graduate". She drops a towel, showing her (horrific) naked body to the audience. Just then...)

(AUDIENCE MEMBER, later revealed to be comedian Paul Michael Mercurio, stands up in his seat and SCREAMS): "Kathleen, put your goddamn clothes back on!"

(A WOMAN in the audience can be heard GASPING)

Go into Google and start typing in "Kathleen put your goddamn clothes back on." Google "suggests" the entire sentence as you reach the word "your". Seems significant enough to warrant an entry on UD.
by corcan November 08, 2010
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