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An Australian TV sit-com that depicts the everyday antics of Kathleen Day, a forty-something empty nester with a fondness for shoulder pads and an aptitude for chicken feet, and her tantrum chucking, dippity bics loving daughter Kimberly Diane Craig (nee Day).

Kath's "hunk o' spunk" of a partner Kel, Kim's "door mat" husband Brett, Kim's "second bestfriend" Sharon, Kim's baby girl Epponnee-Rae and Brett's dog Cujo add chaos to Kath & Kim's hilarious lives which take place in Fountain Lakes, a fictional suburb of Melbourne.
I'm loving "Kath and Kim" sick!
by hornbag May 09, 2005
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The best t.v show to ever hit the 'air' kicks so much ass...that it even kicks its own!!...plu kailan and alyce think it rocks so that means its a whole lot better!!
"look at me kim, look at moi...look at moi ...look at mooooiii!!"
by rich \\m/ September 26, 2003
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