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Oh honey, this is the girl you need! She is absolutely gorgeous, overly trustworthy, is always there for you, loyal as hell, and quite hilarious at times. Once she falls for you, she won’t be able to get you off her mind. You shouldn’t waste your time with her, not getting to the point about how you really feel. She wants to know. She can be quite sensitive at times, and at others seem like she has no feelings at all. Once you learn her ways she’ll make all the sense to why she is the right one for you, don’t doubt that one bit. She has the best hair, most wonderful smile, and cutest laugh! It depends on her mood, but she will either tell you straight up how she feels (if you ask) or she will change the subject. But her eyes never lie. She will give you this look that convinces you she needs you and wants you. You know that look that she gives that makes your heart skip a beat? Yeah that’s the one. You’ll never forget her. You need her.
I think I’m falling for Katelynn Hazen
by thegirlyoydontexpecthistobe January 20, 2018
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