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A sweet, charming innocent girl who can sometimes annoy the hell out of you with her stupid puns but for some reason you can't hate her. She does bark up the wrong tree on the rare occasion but that's what life is all about isn't it, making mistakes, at least she learns from them, but there are some dumb asses out there that don't learn from their mistakes because their mummies breast fed them too much donkey milk. She is a loving girl and a very good judge of character. She'll know from the first impression whether your worthy of her time. Kate is very loyal to her friends and family and if anyone betrays her, she'll either cut ties with them or settle the score with her treating them to a Roman Reigns spear. You seriously don't want to mess with her, she's known to take on guys in car parks. She'll intimidate the wits out of you with her assertiveness and knowledge. She's beautiful girl who you want on your side and for those of who don't well f*** off.
Kate Barker is the next Ma Baker!, she's fearless but kind.
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by wolffffff April 23, 2018
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