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Karen Sofie is a combination of Karen = Pure and the Greek Sophia = wisdom

So Karen Sofie is pure wisdom and she is also normally a caring and warm person who will always be there for you.
She will never let you down.

Karen Sofie is a person everybody either loves for being so perfect or hates for being so popular.

Karen Sofie is the best friend imaginable.
She is not always nice to men (they tend to want to take advantage of her beauty), but when she finds the right man (a man that can handle her beauty and intelligence) she will hold on to him, never let him go, and make him the happiest man on earth.

Karen Sofie is the girl that every boy wants and every girl wants to be.

She tends to have success in her life and get what she wants but never on the cost of others. She is often creative and happy. Often leads to the inspiration of others either as a leader or a muse.
Job possibilities: model, writer, actress, artist, muse

If your name is Karen Sofie you are lucky!
You are a wonderful person who takes care of others, that be your friends, family, husband, or complete strangers.

Famous people named Karen Sofie
Karen Sofie Bay Ejlersen (model)
Why are you so sad? You should go see Karen Sofie, she will surely make you feel better!

Why can't I be more like Karen Sofie?
She is the definition of perfection.
by michelangelo_78 October 25, 2011
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