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Kare Clan is an elite group of members that rule the playing grounds of the online shooter game, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Being the proclaimed "gods" in the game mode ranked play the founding fathers Kare Tea and Kare Energy recruited a few which still rule the fields to this day. The full members of Kare Clan include Kare Quiche, Kare CoDe, Kare Don, Kare Coke, Kare Twins, Kare Twins1, Kare Raptor, Kare Relodz, and Kare Treetopper. With the departure from the group, Kare Energy and Kare Tea have left there legacy into the hands of Kare Quiche, Kare Don, and Kare CoDe. To this day they keep the Kare tradition alive and are still fucking kids up in ranked play.
" Dude what the fuck, Kare Clan is just to good."

"That Kare Code guy is a fucking god."
by Kare CoDe January 12, 2017
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