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The fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho was formed on May 17, 1905 by ten men in the Old Painter Hall at Middlebury College in Vermont. These men were unsatisfied by the status quo of the other fraternities that were on campus. They chose as our motto Honor Super Omnia - Honor Before All Things, a motto that we KDRs strive to uphold every day. They chose our colors to be Middlebury Blue and Princeton Orange to symbolize truth and justice. Our flower, the red rose, stands for love and incorruption.
Informal Kappa Delta Rho chant:

"High and Tidy, God Almighty, who the hell are we?
We're the brothers of KDR, the best fraternity!
by b-macdizzle November 27, 2006
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also known as KDR, they're generally known on campus for throwing the most badass parties, having sex with all the hottest women, destroying other frats in sports, all this while maintaining the grades of a champion. Remember, you can't spell drunk without KDR.

Their motto is as follows:
This is about feeling the fire within and embracing it, squeezing it TIGHT and unleashing drunken fury on all surrounding persons. Seizing the moment and breaking through the walls. If you yourself have ever heard the thunder, fear not. kneel before KDR and let its glorious wisdom soak into your brain. Lawn chairs will be shattered, High Fives will be plentiful, touchdown passes will be thrown, and all out terror will ensue, this is only the beginning.

Who we are?
Hot Girl 1: "Where are you going tonight?"
Hot Girl 2: "To the Kappa Delta Rho house where I know I won't be ruffied like at all those other wackass frats"
Fat Ugly Girl: "Where did you say you all were going tonight?"
Hot Girl 2: "I don't think you're welcome there."

Frat Guy 1: "Hey we need to sign up for sports."
Frat Guy 2: "there's no reason too, Kappa Delta Rho is already signed up."
Frat Guy 1: "Damn them for being so fratastically awesome!"

Hot Girls 1,2,and 3: "We want to fuck you!"
KDR 1: "Of course you do, I'm a Kappa Delta Rho."
by KappaRhoMu January 28, 2008
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