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When many guys hide in a closet when one of their friends is boning a chick. The guys in the closet are jacking off and right as they are about to jizz they all pop out of the closet at the same time and drench the female in their semen. Professionals will try to aim for the female's eye.
Yo, me and my friends Kansas City Car Washed that chick that Victor was having sex with
by Galaxy fan101 January 11, 2010
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A sex move; while a male and female are engaged in sexual intercourse, 5-8 other males are hiding under the bed, masturbating. At the appropriate time, the men jump out of hiding and ejaculate on the woman, washing her in semen.
-I tried to get her to do a Kansas City carwash for 50 bucks, but she wanted 75.
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
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It's when a girl {most preferrably an Asian) gives a man a horizontal sponge bath inside a "Massage Parlor".
"I recieved one hell of a Kansas City Carwash last shoulder has never felt better," said the sailorm with a smile.
by Nick P. March 19, 2004
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alright, so you're doing this broad, you know, Kansas style, then you beat her beyond recognition with pool noodles, you know, those foam ones, and you return her to the ex-wife's house before dinner.
"my daughter bought me an ugly tie for father's day, so I brought her to the Kansas City Carwash, you know what i'm talkin about?"
by Bill Cosby July 20, 2004
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3 some with female 69. Anal sex with the one girl then, oral sex with the other girl, then back to the other girl vaginal sex, then alternating. Therefore "washing" your car.
Would you ladies be interested in a Kansas City Carwash?
by Butch Eeks January 27, 2008
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four guys in one line and four guys in alother line facing down and beating off on one girls face. then beating her up and taking her money.
that slut from the party te other night
by michael johnson April 25, 2004
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