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It is a sexual position that maximises impact, depth and female orgasm. This position is performed outdoors with the use of a motor vehicle. The female squats on the seat sideways with her hips and ass pointing out the car door that is open. The male performs a dog fashion method of penetration in either the vagina or anus of the female whilst having a firm grip and anchorage with one or both of his hands on the interior roof handle of the car. This is the foundation for maximum thrust and penetration.
A women that had sex a couple of days ago went to see her doctor because her vagina and anus were extremely sore and told the doctor her symptoms. The doctor replied " you must have had a kangy angy!!!"

The female said to her partner, can we go for a drive and do the 'kangy angy' on the side of the road?
by PS69 March 12, 2015
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