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A sport that involves usually a human versus a kangaroo in a boxing match, usually the results 95% of the time are the guy gets his ass whooped.
Kangaroos are beasts at fighting, they are dirty fighters too, if you aren't careful they can give you a nasty jab or hook to the dome and knock you out or grab you and choke hold you into submission, if that doesn't work they can use their own tail to hold them level and kick you downstairs with BOTH legs. unless you are a real fucking badass, you should not attempt to fight a kangaroo THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP. PETA people and animal rights fucks usually think this is an inhumane awful sport... well they are right to an extent... because HUMANS GET THE SHIT WHOOPED OUT OF EM!
fighter: (guards his grill and strafes a bit)
kangaroo: (sees an opening and heymakers the guy)
fighter: (gets dome-rocked with a heymaker and melts to the canvas like when you get the shit whooped out of you in fight night 3 by a mean-ass power punch)

Kangaroo Boxing
by THE METAL February 14, 2008
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