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This is the AWSOME main character to the AWSOME anime "X CLAMP"! He's kinda a troubled kid(because his mother died in a freak burning inccident, and his father left them *to who know where*). But one night he has a dream about his mother, and she tells him to return back to tokyo because he is needed.
He does eventually return there, but gets really, really stressed out (first of all because his two beloved childhood friends are in grave danger*Fuuma, and Kotori*, and second, because the weight of the world is resting on his shoulders!)
Kamiu:I don't want to fight you! Don't force me to do it!
Fuuma:I am Kamui! This is my destony! When you chose to become dragon of heaven, it followed, inevidently, that I would become a dragon of the Earth!
Kamui: You are Fuuma! You're not me!
Fuuma:Who's Fuuma? Fuuma is dead!
by Maryanne E. M. July 09, 2004
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