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A very small town filled with so many fucking stoners that the high school has a drug dog at it ever week. Although, many of the students are self-claimed Jesus freaks that go to church because they think its the "cool" thing to do, although, they usually just got get drunk or have sex after, except for a few who really are Jesus-freaks. Not to mention they only go on Wednesdays to youth group and neglect the fact that Sunday is the real day to celebrate God. If you go to Kalama, then it usually means that your education sucks. The majority are retards and many go on to drop out, especially the vast quantity of emo's that pro-create within the halls. Also, the class of 2010 seemed to have never heard of condoms before since at least 5 girls that year graduated with kids. Although, that trend is continuing on with all the girls, including the majority of 14 year olds who are ending up pregnant, or at least saying they are. Not to mention all the bipolar crazy bitches that go there, watch or or you may get one, the are often darker skinned. That should narrow it down considering it is mainly a town full of white people. Typically, your are going to deal with stuck up christian rich kids, druggies up the ass, emo fags or simply some rednecks. Hell the majority of the town wears romeos. And the majority of the girls are dirty sluts, and the guys are straight up asshole manwhores. So I guess it all fits together right?
Fuck it's those Kalama, Washington bitches again. Oh God.
by ktownwhores November 29, 2011
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