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Kakus refers to fecal matter. Kakus exposure is the act of getting Kakus, fecal matter, on any part of your body. The most common cause of Kakus Exposure is obviously anal sex, however there are other ways in which this may occur.

After eating the White Tuna Sushi, Bill had to run to the bathroom at Kyogin. The white tuna upset his stomach causing him to have "peanut butter poopie", while wiping for the 18th time he got some of the "peanut butter poopie" on his fingers. This resulted in a minor case of Kakus Exposure.

After sodomizing a camel, Ahmed had Kakus Exposure on his morronga and developed Morrong Fever. His cousin, Obama Osama Barruq, had to run to the drugstore and get some Morrongicillin so Ahmed wouldn't develop Morrong Fever secondary to Kakus Exposure.

Junior had Kakus Exposure after playing with the sheep in his grandfather's farm. Junior has very bad hand washing habits, while at dinner eating fried chicken he contaminated the dinner, now everyone in Junior's family is in the hospital with Morrong Fever secondary to Kakus Exposure.
by Kinki Louie May 14, 2008
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