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Super Mario World(for the Super Nintendo), has a program which allows you to edit levels, and different aspects of the game. A Kaizo hack refers to a modified version of the game(KAIZO mario world), that is extremely hard, and usually requires many game-overs, or emulator tools to complete even one level.

Kaizo hacks usually include aspects such as these:
1. Forcing you to do certain things in a level which were normally not necessary in the original Super Mario World
2. Giving you power-ups, JUST to take them away from you to get passed another part
3. Making the time limit low so that the player must complete the level very quickly
The pit of despair by MoltovMarioWorld, is an extreme example of a kaizo hack. Evil Mario World by Danmakufublargel, and Training for kaizo by PostCardmy are other examples.
by 4lbatross February 08, 2009
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