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A person, male or female, generally in their teens, who has an obsession over Godzilla/Gamera/Ultraman movies, books, figures, and whatnot relating to Kaiju. They would much like it if you referred to them as "Kaiju Fans", which is what you can also call them.
Kaiju Nerd 1: "Gigan is my favorite Kaiju because he's a cyborg and he originates from Space Hunter Nebula!"
Kaiju Nerd 2: "Well, King Ghidorah also originates from Space Hunter Nebula, has appeared in FAR more movies than Gigan has, and is supposedly Godzilla's greatest foe."
Kaiju Nerd 1: "But King Ghidorah doesn't have a buzzsaw on his chest."

Kaiju Nerd 1: "Did you see the Memorial Box Megalon up on ebay?"
Kaiju Nerd 2: "Yeah, but it was a bootleg."
Kaiju Nerd 1: "No wonder it was so cheap..."
Kaiju Nerd 2: "Well, they have the Bandai Creation "PACK OF DESTRUCTION" at KB toys for only 15 bucks!"
Kaiju Nerd 1: "Man, if only I made that much money..."
Kaiju Nerd 2: "Get a better job...or...sell some of your collection.."
Kaiju Nerd 1: "My god, man! Have you gone mad?!"
**Kaiju Nerd 1 hits Kaiju Nerd 2 over the head with a Godzilla figure**
Kaiju Nerd 2: "Sorry."
by Aardvark July 27, 2004
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