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The anxiety that Kafka himself, and many of his charachters experience on account of living as if dependant on others, especially one's parents, although this unnecessary situation is obviously a source of unhappiness.
More specific than anxiety, and little to do with the idea of something being Kafkaesque.
Gregor Samsa in the Metamorphosis, is an example of one experiencing Kafka's Anxiety. Gregor takes abuse from his family despite providing for them, and makes no defence for himself although it does cause him displeasure. His ambivalence is seeing no reason to try to be happier or alter his situation, but he understands how it might be better.

An antonym would be Meursault in Camus' The Stranger, whose social ambivalence prevents him experiencing a closeness to other people, but he has no anxiety. Any situation would be equally agreeable or disagreeable to him.
by Titular Counselor Marmeladov September 06, 2011
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