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meaning white person. shortened version of the word "Caucasian" and then spelt cooler. Honkey and Cracker dont sound cool so we needed a new word.

Pronouned "ka-asian"

Kaeshion is the new slang for white guy but can not be taken in a racist way because its just a word. If someone calls a white guy a kaeshion out of disrespect it is equivalent to callin him a bastard... nothin more.

Kaeshion is for everyone to use, it is not just for white people to say. I encourage everyone to spread the word of kaeshion! I also dircourage any white guy that is called a kaeshion by another race to react with calling them their races slang because it is not equivalent...yet.
White Guy - " Sup my Kashion?"
Other White Guy - " Nothin man just chillen."

Black Guy - " ur acting like a kaeshion"
White Guy - " i know... i am one.."

White Guy - " where my kaeshions at?"
Other White guys - " were right here..."
White Guy again - " when did u guys get here?"
Other white guys again - " we came with u.."
White guy again - " wow... im to high for this shit"
by random high white kid - JN March 14, 2010
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