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A cute boy. Unique. Special. Once he's yours you hold on and can never let go. Amazing at basketball. Funny. Knows how to treat and talk to a girl.
Ka'ron is the best !
by 5595011017 January 28, 2017
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A boy that handsome and gets all the girls in his class. And he is very athletic and strong.
KaRon is awesome
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by AwesomeKid99 July 19, 2017
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Karon is a amazing person. He is very good at basketball. He has the best smile ever. He will never break a girls heart. He makes everyone's day better
Karon is awesome
by Kimball June 18, 2018
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Karon is an a amazing person that makes every one happy when she walks in the too she is beatiful she has attitude some times and is an anime freak
by Stephoi December 11, 2015
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a nigga who abuse his girlfriend, but expect her to stay with him. A boy who loves to play the victim all the time. A boy who is very emotional and sensitive. A boy who also think that he's Floyd Mayweather, until one day he'll get his ass beat. A boy who is secretly gay. A boy who think he's always right.
thats karon?
did you see how karon hit her
by karon's a fag March 15, 2019
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