I haven't seen black do task, kinda sus bro.
by leonlpz October 10, 2020
Randoms in Among Us trying to say: "We have no reason and no evidence to vote you out, but we're retarded so we will anyway." Or just a short way smart randoms saying: "I have a list of reasons why you are the impostor, but if I said them these dumbasses wouldn't understand me, so I have to say 'You're kinda sus' you be understood."
Red: ?
Cyan: why
White: who
Lime: tf
Purple: black is kinda sus bro
Black: what?? why??
Purple has voted.
Orange has voted.

Black: BRO
Yellow has voted
Cyan has voted
White has voted
Lime: Guys stop he did nothing wrong :I
Red has voted
Lime has voted
Black has voted

Black was not athe impostor.
1 impostor remains.
by Starberry Gaming September 28, 2020