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1. Some Hennessy, some sprite, and some lemon. The new Tech N9NE drank.

If you mix it the right way, it is the shit. It's not too sweet, not too tart.
1. KC Tea is the new shit.
by okaytravi$ May 03, 2009
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Originally created by Kansas City rapper Tech n9ne while partying in Las Vegas. Made by mixing a double shot of Hennessy with Sprite on the rocks and then topping it off with a lemon wedge. Limes also work extraordinarily well. I'm not playing around when i say this is probably the best mixed drink ever created in this or any other world.
partier 1: Whatcha all drankin on?
everyone at the party: KC TEA!!!!!!!!!!
by shittytittyballsack July 15, 2010
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All we need in Hennesey, then Sprite. Squeezing in a twist of lemon.
You don't make this drink by the gallon, you make it by the cup.
Make your night go right with a KCTea.
Tech likes to make it in a real big wine glass.
Lemon or lime, it don't matter.. Man that sounds real good, tastes good too punk.
This is Tecca Ninas Kansas City spiked Tea.
Fill the cup full of ice first, cause the Hennessey will melt a little ice.
Whatcha want? Whatcha need? Whatcha havin'? What will it be? KCTea
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
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