K(VMP) is a fictional character crucial to the understanding of the philosophy of the hardcore badass. K(VMP) derives from the words "OK", and "Vamp". The spirit of K(VMP) may be summoned when what is understood does not need to be discussed, but since there's nothing else to do you do so anyway. The rinse-repeat process entered at this point is known by the enlightened and musically inclined as "vamping", and is done in order to create new mysteries to assist English majors into fooling themselves that their theses are original works expressing concepts previously vacant from human minds. It is also worth noting that once the vamp is entered, all participants must cease to give a fuck about anything or they will fail to invoke the spirit.
Dude, that shit was getting so tedious, so we were just like K(VMP), and then before we knew it, it was done to the doner...
by K(VMP) February 24, 2009
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