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A Justified Ass Whooping is when you beat or physically harm or hurt someone or a particular individual for doing something wrong to you or doing a negative act towards you.(BASICALLY GETTING REVENGE BY GIVING THEM A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS FOR THAT PERSON DOING DIRT TOWARDS YOU).
Fighting one on one and beating the person who deserves to get their ass beat(When it comes to a Justified Ass Whooping you get revenge by beating the person's ass for doing or saying bad things about you or towards you and you get away with it.(YOU,USE NO WEAPONS,NO FORM OF VEHICLES,AND ESPECIALLY YOU DO NOT JUMP OR INCLUDE ANY PEOPLE IN YOUR FIGHT,NIETHER DO YOU INCLUDE ANY ANIMAL'S)YOU JUST PHYSICALLY & BRUTALLY BEAT THEIR MOTHAFUCKING ASS!!!!
by Mr.MakeYoAssLookStupid March 15, 2014
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