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Also known as J.B.,Justin Bieber,Justin Biever,Gay Lord Fucker,Handsome Lady.

JustEin BieVer is the resault of a marrige between a deformed biever & a crippled Goblin,whore from the underworld that's here to seduce men & women alike,although there are no signs that it has any affect on guys over the age of 11 (faggots not included)
Girl:"OMG JustEin just hit a door!"

Girl :"Here he is for that door---too late"

Girl:"WTF,is that JustEin giving free blow jobs?!"

Girl:"Wow Usher is goin real hard on JustEin Biever from the back"

Usher:"JustEin,come suck ma dick or you wont get payed"
by Mess With The Biebs January 19, 2011
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