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A man who is capable of consuming copious amounts of alcohol and illicit substances for multiple days in a row, while still being an FTL (full time legend). The name hails from the famous race horse 'Jungle Ruler' who became addicted to crystal meth and was often scratched after putting half his head in a bag of smack before a race. A true 'Jungle Ruler' is a real stayer, and his actions defy belief being able to stay alive after 4/5 days on a drug fueled bender. Long live the 'Jungle Ruler'
1st Person: Did you see that Jungle Ruler Josh at Tramp last night?

2nd Person: Yeh i did, his been there for 3 weeks

1st Person: What a fucking Jungle Ruler, YOLO!!
by Catweazle December 17, 2012
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