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Jumble a Bitch (v)- "You ever fuck a girl so good, that after you bust, you look over and she was out, you broke a bitch, that ladies and gentleman is what I call jumbling a bitch" - King K da Plug

"Jumble a Bitch" was first started by King K da Plug whilst hanging with some females. Feeling that there were no fun ways to explain the act of fucking a girl real good, he decided to start "Jumble a Bitch". Soon after the creation of this term he released a SoundCloud song called "Jumble a Bitch".
MC Peaches - "How was your night with Bella?"
King K - "bruh it was lit... straight jumbled a bitch"

MC Peaches - "dayummmm, jumble a bitch!"
by Tyrone June 14, 2018
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