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Racist, loud mouthed, inbred fuckwad, who enjoyes eating dick worms from a farmers anal orgy. Often found raping small animals in the wild. He has been dubbed the "Cumdumpster Calender Playgirl" of 2010.

He has been ridiculed and and is placed in a corner with a large white dunce hat, to which he responds calling it a KKK western European Agent uniform... Ultimately this dumbass is destined no greater things than pimp out his siblings and raping male cousins.
Jon: Dude i just raped my male cousin and ate his corpse
Jack: Motherfucker what?
Jon: Yeh i got $20 for her.
Jack: Nigga you are one fucked up Julias Malema!
Jon: You Wanna fuck?
Jack: I only have 50 Cents
Jon: Cool, i like to toss salad to that!
by JM29x-45qw October 13, 2010
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