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A label for the subculture following Professional musician, Julius the Jules, his fans and his contempary friends he knows personally in the music scene. His contemparies include acts such as Showoff, Black Stone Cherry, The Kentucky Headhunters, the late Dennis Adkins, Otis, Kiss Kiss Bang, John King (Mud River Revival/Sixth Floor), and various others.

Juleokin enjoy music as a way of life and they often have an eclectic taste for music, as Julius the Jules does. The founder of the movement is, Julius the Jules, himself and he is incredibly addicted to music, as are some, but not all of his fans.

Juleokin love the local and indie/unsigned music scene the most, but enjoy any and all music that they can move to. They tend to promote music that they can get behind, and Juleokin artists/bands tend to get the word out about each other as they enjoy friendly and healthy competition.
Juleokin love music with a passion, especially local and indie talents!
by Julius the Jules June 11, 2018
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