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Jordan, god what to say about you. Well Jordan is an all around amazing, uplifting, inspiring, caring, sweet,athletic, strong,heartbreaking,smart,beautiful,handsome,unique,one of a kind,sometimes angry, serious, funny, and unforgettable guy I've ever met. You change lives everyday and I don't know how to thank you for changing mine. These Jordan's will make you melt, one look at them and you're lost to them. Jordan's tend to protect you at all costs. They also sometimes don't know what to say to you that will make everything better so instead they leave you be. But to warn you all Jordan's don't forget anything and I mean anything. A Jordan's friendship is the hardest thing to ever do, sometimes you don't get their friendship back and you have to be okay with that. Jordan's are also understanding most of the time and they listen to you. Oh and their smile, don't get me started. Jordan's change your lives, they tend to leave you heartbroken but don't worry you recover you just don't ever forget them, they are simply unforgettable.
Girl 1: Who's that cute guy over there with the dark hair?
Girl 2: Oh him that's Jordan Sanchez he's a great guy you should go talk to him.
Girl 1: But what if-
Girl 2: Just go talk to him he's a great listener and a really sweet guy.
Girl 1: How do you know so much about him, do you know him?
Girl 2: Let's just say that I used too, now seriously go talk to him!
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by shesokay June 03, 2018
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