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The Fourth single (second taken from the album Take To The Skies) to be released by Enter Shikari. Said by Chris Batten (bass) and Rou Reynolds (vocals/electronics) at Hammersmith Palais on March 10th 2007 to be about a cartoon charcacter from sex education videos that they saw at school who shoots condoms from cupids bow to people who are about to have sex and will save the world from STDs.

The single was reviewed by NME magazine as "the worst single written by any band ever". This was mocked by Chris Batten at the BBC "secret" show on June 6th 2007.
"It is a commom misconseption that Jonny Sniper is a man, but Jonny Sniper is not a man, he is a cartoon character that taught us all sex education at school" - Chris Batten
by TashaShikari June 10, 2007
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Same as bunny boiler really.... basically a needy, emotionally unstable, pretty much crazy bird who'll go to extremes to keep you in a relationship.

The phrase refers to the girl putting holes in your condoms in order to get herself pregnant to keep you tied down.

That bitch is crazy. She's a jonny sniper.
by _J@Y_ November 19, 2007
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