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1) When a high ranking member of any organization or ruling group is rendered completely and utterly useless upon their attempt to expose some conspiracy or tightly guarded secret.

2) Killed quite pathetically by a political opponent. See murked.
3) To be poisoned and die only for the authorities to deem the death "of natural causes."
A: Did you hear what happened to the Vice President of China?
B: Naw? what happened to that cat?
A: Nigga got JonArryn'd.

The term originates from the 1st novel, A Game of Thrones in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire from esteemed author George R.R. Martin. At the opening of the novel the character Jon Arryn is announced dead of a "sickness" that is anything but. Hence Jon Arryn was JonArryn'd
by hard6 September 11, 2012
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