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A term applied to Italian Americans of the outdoor sporty type,who mainly have a penchant of combining their low intellect with muscle cars And especially high performance motorcycles.
Origins in the 1980's,from the Johnston,Cranston,Providence Rhode Island areas,where there
is a given ethnic population density of such-also known as the "Greater Tri-Guid". Typical is the
wearing of gold jewelry,designer sunglasses wedged on forehead but not used,gym pants and
flip flop sandals,tank top or no shirt,and on a motorcycle,no helmet or any other protective
gear.Very excessive,aggressive driving or riding,normally accompanied by high fatality statistics.
Johnston Scholars usually remove the speedometer from a sportbike,as they "only need a tach".
Muffler removal and/or poor substitution is mandatory peer behavior.Cruise or ride in packs of
loud bikes,with antics like wheelies and burnouts.Socially pretty obnoxious due to low intelligence.
"Christ ,did you SEE that moron almost clip my car then screw off with those other bikes? The cat
is a total Johnston Scholar."
by oldee worldee August 08, 2016
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