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The most boring and useless town in all of America where there are more bomb threats than snow days and more jersey shore wannabes than honor students. The only thing to keep people here entertained is the drugs theyre on and the fights in school. If you dont do either youre an outcast and if you do nobody likes you. Every other word that comes out of a persons mouth is "legit" or "oh em gee". A "thats what she said joke" is also very common. There are only 3 different styles of the way people dress here: Scene, Skater, and Preppy. If you've never been spotted bowling, chilling at brewed, or wandering around aimlessly at the park with people, you dont exist. There really is no point in being here.
"Why are they getting rid of the carnival spot and building a hotel in Johnston RI?"
by apersonnnnnn February 13, 2010
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Johnston is a place that Italians live.. mainly because they dont like to be mixed in with a bunch of white people. The people here do GTL(gym, tan, laundry) everyday. Most girls find "Guidos" hot so If you want one go to Johnston RI.
Yeah girl you want a guido? go to johnston RI
by Moe133 February 03, 2011
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