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A god among men, Johnny Twitch is the one who deliberately tries to be uncool, just to be different. He will crossdress and still get all the ladies, but he doesn't care about that, because most of the ladies only want him for how ultimately cool he is.
Johnny Twitch could create a nation just by wishing he were a king, but he won't do that because being a king would make him popular, and that's the last thing Johnny wants to be. Johnny Twitch is a rebel who doesn't identify with any cause, he rebels for the sake of rebellion; Johnny does what he wants to and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks, because it's his life; Johnny is versatile and can play an array of instruments, including the little known crwth; Johnny remembers anything he sees; he can reproduce any sound he hears- but he doesn't because that would make him trendy, and Johnny Twitch doesn't follow any trends, because he IS the trend.
Johnny Twitch while looking in the mirror, smoking reefer, having sex, and playing guitar simultaneously: "Yes, I do believe they are right- I /am/ God.
by sxebill May 27, 2010
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