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Similar to Johnny Appleseed, he's like a crack fairy who comes and plants the seeds of crack epidemics in urban areas. Usually the first guy to infest an area with crack.
Guy 1 - What it do, we gotta go and get some fancy crack rocks...
Guy 2 - Bumbaclaat Skyline! Get dem rocks from Johnny Crackseed.
Guy 1 - Wanna fire that crack up?
Guy 2 - no, I don't smoke.
Cracker 1 - Look at this neighborhood, it's fucked beyond belief. I mean, shit doggy dongles, I used to play hop-scotch right there in that park and now it's full of crackheads and cheap, hay-penny whores!!!
Cracker 2 - Well yeah, hell fuck, you can blame Johnny Crackseed....
Cracker 1 - Who the fuck is that?
Cracker 2 - That guy {{points to big badass Pablo Escobar looking guy leaning up against his 83' Lac.}}
Cracker 1 - Who got that??!?
by Epills Dictator August 24, 2006
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