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The best band to ever come out of England. Seriously, this band will blow you away. They're lyrics are positively the best I've ever heard, and Oli's screaming just tops it off nicely. Honestly, this band are simply, the shit.

Songs that you should download are;
Necropolis Junction
I am the primitologist, Mr. Robert Sapolsky
Realist Surrealist
The Bloodening
and Footprints in the Thunder.

"Build up our houses and cherish our lives, I screamed out with our hearts, 'I love you'" - Footprints in the Thunder

"Mr. Rob Sapolsky, won't you answer this one question for me?" I am the primitologist, Mr Rob Sapolksy

"What now? Your bloods infected, It's all sinister and masturbated. Let go of his neck, you’ll find no glory among the dead." The Bloodening

"I'd hold you in my arms, If Satan found romance" Realist Surrealist

"As I lay in shrouds among the wasted dead, a callus soul reveals the carriage blooded red. Look up to the sky, the clouds were dripping poison" Necropolis Junction

Johnny Truant, best band ever from England. :
by Realist Surrealist June 24, 2006
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